About Us

About Us

Crane House provides professional film, video, and photography, and we produce our own independent films internally. We began in 2012 as a crane rental company for the film industry, providing support for various productions in the Carolinas. Almost 5 years later we have developed into a boutique media creation agency for clients ranging from politicians to hip hop artists.

Troy Carlton and Bo McKenzie have been behind the camera on major film and television productions with top directors, cinematographers, and technicians in the industry. They also shoot films of their own and have made award winning shorts, features, and web content seen by millions of people. Their cinematic styles continue to evolve from either side of the country; Bo in Wilmington, NC, and Troy in Los Angeles, CA. They travel all over the U.S., and pack light with some of the best camera gear on the market.

Most recent Crane House projects include....

Summer Catalogue Photo Campaign, ShopShift Style (2017)

Kickstarter Campaign, Coastline Manufacturing Co. "The Wind Tamer" (2016)

Political Ad Campaign, Dan Blue III "Blue for NC Treasurer" (2016)

Music Video, Jones "Organize" (2016)

Music Video, Chuck Smooth "Game Requests" (2016)

Commercial, Green Mountain Gringo Salsa "Nothing Artificial" (2015)

Web Promo, Mosca Design/Shops at Wiregrass "Symphony in Lights" (2015)

Music Video, David Metcalf feat. Courtney Groenert "Such a Time As This" (2015)

Music Video, The Loose Jets "Sacred City" (2015)

Web Promo, Mosca Design "Tanglewood Festival of Lights" (2014)

Web Promo, Tops Athletics "Beach2Battleship Triathlon" (2014)

Music Video, The Loose Jets "Good As Gone" (2014)

Short Film, "McDuffy: The Urban Eagle" (2013)

Music Video, DaGreatt "Life is Full of Haters" (2013)