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Our Process - From Concept to Completion 


We discuss the details about your project and begin the collaboration. First we will define the overall goal for your project, and where it will finally be presented or distributed. Next we will outline your budget, and detail how the dollars will be spent in a way to maximize the value of your production.


Now it's time to brainstorm. This is where we dive into the creative and technical aspects of the project and create a script or outline that will effectively deliver your message. We determine the narrative and the style, and the technical tools we will use in producing your video or film with those goals in mind. 


Time to plan the shoot. At this time we will pick the shooting date(s), then scout and book locations, while auditioning potential cast for any roles that need to be filled. We will hire the necessary crew and  schedule all of the rental gear, property, and wardrobe needed for the shoot. 


The time has come to shoot! Now that our well laid plans are set in motion, it's time to get comfortable and bear down for the process. As we have masterfully laid out every detail in advance, all things will go smoothly and seamlessly...until they don't. Ultimately something will not go as planned. Luckily, we are masters of improv and resourcefulness, and have been through this before! In many cases an unplanned event on the day of shooting has procured some of our finest moments on film. Let's roll! 


EDITING! For every one day of shooting, we spend 3 days editing, on average. We carefully build the narrative of this fine project. Once we have put together a ROUGH CUT, we deliver that to you via password-protected link. Once you review the Rough Cut you'll deliver notes for any changes, adjustments, additions and subtractions. After we cry for 8 hours wondering why you hate our work, we will mindfully absorb your notes and thoughts, and make the necessary edits to finalize this new masterpiece, and then deliver the FINAL CUT. Pending your review and approval, we'll send the master file to you digitally in the format most suitable for your preferred presentation platform (ie. Facebook, YouTube, the movie theater, etc...), and then... THAT'S A WRAP!